24. Airborne Operation Photos - Sicily Drop Zone, Fort Bragg, NC - Thuresday, June 14, 1984

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SSG Otten out on the edge of Sicily Drop Zone. On a good day, like this day, they had trucks, which we affectionately referred to as "Cattle Trucks" to haul us back to our barracks on post. On a bad day you had to march back from the drop zone. It was a long hot march, over 7 miles I think, which on warmer days had guys passing out and/or getting sick on the way back. On another jump day I (unintentionally) avoided the march back after almost passing out on the march down to Green Ramp from the barracks before the jump: I got dizzy and sat down. Moments later someone was pouring water on me and asking me if I was OK. I was OK. I did go on the jump, but just to be careful one of the officers made sure I didn't have to march back that night. I got a ride on one of the support vehicles. Everyone else marched. (Whew!)

"Our Fearless Leader" as Swalley would say. (Click photo for "Miller Time")

SSG Otten wonders if all the troops made it off the Drop Zone, after All, It's Miller Time