25. Layout of Camouflage Net Equipment for Inspection - Fort Bragg, NC - Friday, June 15, 1984

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Looks like an inspection of Camouflage Nets, Poles, and Spreaders. We used Camo Nets to conceal our communication vehicles during field operations. The large-size nets where Hexagon shaped, the small-sized ones where Diamond shaped. Multiple nets where attached to one another to make the overall net used larger. The guys on the ground appear to be either attaching some of the small nets, or untangling a clump of net. Those darn nets got caught on shirtsleeve buttons, tree branches, vehicle mirrors, nuts & bolts, and especially concertina wire, in short; *EVERYTHING* Including themselves!

This photo had nothing to do with the Airborne mission the previous day. I had one picture left on the role of film to use up before I had it developed. :) The photo was taken from the window of my 3rd floor room in the barracks, room #314.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my pictures.

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Camo Nets