05. Airborne Operation Photos - Green Ramp, Pope Air Force Base, NC - June 14, 1984

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Waiting at 'Green Ramp". During daylight, and fair weather we would "Chute Up" (Don our Parachutes) outside instead of in the "Chute Shed". Airborne Soldiers would help each other put on the parachute. After that a Jump Master would inspect you to make certain everything from your helmet to your jumpboots was "Squared Away" and you were "Good To Go".

Sgt DeJesus (say "De-Hay-Suess") waits on the ground, reclining against his parachute. You can see the yellow "static line" on his parachute and the parachute of the guy in front of him (lower-left foreground). The Static Line was important because you hooked that to the overhead Anchor Line Cable inside the aircraft. That's what opened the parachute once you jumped out. There are no Rip Cords on these parachutes. (There is one on the Reserve Parachute however.)

Sgt DeJesus and others waiting to board Aircraft