11. Airborne Operation Photos - Green Ramp, Pope Air Force Base, NC - Inside the C-141 Starlifter Jet Aircraft - June 14, 1984

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Inside the Belly of the Beast: I'm sitting at a row of seats with my back against the fuselage of the aircraft: I am one of the "Outboard Personnel". The guys in the photo facing me are back-to-back with another row of troops on the other side of their seat back: they are "Inboard Personnel". Basically there are 4 rows of seats, and two isles. When we are seated we have our rucksacks on our laps, and we are knee to knee with the guy across from us.

It's hot in the plane and every one is hoping that they turn on the AC really soon. Some planes actually had AC, or something like it. On the vertical post behind the second man from the left you can see something yellow behind his head. Those were oxygen masks. You can see the plastic tubing going up to the vertical post. Same masks as the stewardesses demonstrate how to use before a civilian flight.

Para's inside the Plane