15. Airborne Operation Photos - Sicily Drop Zone Fort Bragg, NC - June 14, 1984

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"Keep Your Feet and Knees Together, Eyes on the Horizon; Prepare to land...LAND!"

An Airborne soldier begins to do his PLF. Here we get a better look at the MC1-1B Parachute. You can clearly see the open area in the back of the parachute, which gives it the 3-4 mph forward movement as you descend. You can also see a diamond shaped repair patch on the underside of the canopy.

Sicily Drop Zone was pretty much all sand. They used to disk it up like a farmer would do to a field after plowing. In more recent years they have planted grass on the drop zone to reduce an erosion problem they've had. Erosion caused gullies and ditches creating an ankle and leg injury hazard for soldiers landing and moving across the drop zone, especially at night. Planting grass is good for the ecology, but not as forgiving at landing.