17. Airborne Operation Photos - Sicily Drop Zone, Fort Bragg, NC - June 14, 1984

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A Deadly Fighting Force of Paratroopers Silently Descends on Sicily Drop Zone. Of course the airplane made a ton of noise when it passed overhead. We didn't have any weapons either, they were all back in the arms room.

Over 30 Parachutes in the air over Sicily Drop Zone. Not a large drop. Of all the Drop Zones at Fort Bragg, Sicily was the largest, at half a mile wide and two and half to three miles long. Other drop zones included Holland, Normandy, St Mere Eglise, Salerno, and All American. Most drop zones seemed to get their name from famous Combat Jump sites of WWII. The jumpers in this stick didn't have rucksacks. No one has lowered their equipment before landing. Off in the distance (left) someone has tossed a smoke grenade to help the jumpers determine which way the wind is blowing so they can turn their parachute into the wind before landing.

Sicily Drop Zone