04. Grenada 1983 - Saturday, November 26th

Truck Ride to Grand Anse College Campus

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SSG Gonzales (not seen in Photo), our Platoon Seargent, picked up the group and took us to the Grand Anse College Campus in an Amry "Duce and a Half".

Soldiers of the 2/505 ( Read as the "2nd Five-Oh-Five" or more formally as the 2nd Five Hundred and Fifth Parachute Infantry Regiment") were nicknamed "Rag Heads" because of the camouflage materials made from strips of green burlap and scraps of camoflage nets which they all wore attached to their Kevlar helmets.  Not all units wore this.  The idea of this material was used to break up the outline of their helmet and make them more difficult to be seen or recogognized by the enemy.  That's an Army 292 (Two-Niner-Two) FM communications radio antenna beyond the truck.

A 2/505 'Rag Head'