06. Grenada 1983 - Saturday, November 26th

The St. George's University Medical School Grand Anse campus building.

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The face of the college building is riddled with bullet holes. "On Day 2 of Operation Urgent Fury Cuban/PRA (Grenadian Peoples Revolutionary Army) soldiers had taken up positions in buildings adjoining the campus. Marine Helicopters brought in US Army Rangers to evacuate the 200+ medicals students that were at this location. A Marine CH-46D Sea Knight helicopter was shot down by anti-aircraft fire and crashed in the water just short of the beach here. The pilot lowered the tail ramp and the Rangers inside splashed into the surf to shelter behind the aircraft. Navy A-6s and A-7s and the ever-present AC-130 Specter Gunships moved in to suppress the anti-aircraft guns. The campus was surrounded by several beachfront hotels, now occupied by the PRA. For 15 min the aircraft brought them underfire; then the Rangers rushed into the buildings, kicked in the door and safely removed the students. In groups of 40, the students were led outside and loaded aboard the helicopters. With the loss of the CH-46 the rescue force was 12 seats short, so 12 Rangers volunteered to stay behind. After the departure of the rescue force they evaded PRA elements, stole a fishing boat and headed out to sea where they were rescued by the US Navy destoryer Caron." ( Grenada 1983 Osprey Men-at-Arms Series 1985 by LEE E. RUSSEL & M. ALBERT MENDEZ - 'Rescue at Grand Anse', pg. 23.)

The US Army later took possession of the building and secured the perimeter with concertina wire, held in place on the beach here with metal stakes and 55-gallon drums.

This view shows the opposite side of the building shown in the previous photo, photo #05.

Lots of Bullet Holes