11. Grenada 1983 - Saturday, November 26th - Helicopter Ride

The USS Aubrey Fitch Positioned off St. George's shore

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I took this one from the helicopter on our flight north toward Gouyave.  The City in the background is St. George's again.  The Ship is the US Navy Perry-Class Frigate FFG-34 USS Aubrey Fitch, a guided missile frigate.  At the time this ship was very new, however, it has since been decommissioned; Launched October 17 1981, Commissioned October 9 1982, Decommissioned December 12 1997.

This didn't scan so well, but in my photo you can make out the bow number 34 on the ship.  That's how I knew what ship this was. Trust me the number is there!

In the Navy: You Can Sail the Seven Seas...Can you see the 3 or 4 sailors standing on the Fantail?