17. Grenada 1983 - Gouyave - December

St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church in Gouyave

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The Village of Gouyave was originally named "Charlotte Town" after the British Queen Charlotte, but during French rule the name was changed to Gouyave, after the guava fruit, which grew here in abundance.  Gouyave is a fishing village earning it's living from the sea.  Therefore it seems appropriate that the Church there is called St. Peter's since Peter was one of the fishermen called by Jesus to be a disciple.  The Brass Cupola on the first Catholic Church in Gouyave is the only one of its kind in the Caribbean.

"The steeple is part of the old Church built about 1820 and used as a school until 2001.  The "new" church was built in 1905 and is dedicated (like the old one) to St. Peter.

With best wishes.

Father Sean Doggett" (Priest Rev. Sean Doggett, Cathedral Administrator, St. George’s - From an email I received)

The Brass Coupola of St. Peter's Catholic Church in Gouyave