18. Grenada 1983 - Our Commo Site in the Banana Station

The "Hilltop Hotel"

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Wearing his Jungle Fatigues, Tommy Rowe stands in front of our Radio Communications Site in the hills a couple of miles or so inland (east) from Gouyave.  Somebody had made a sign out of the cardboard from a case of C-Rations and tacked it up over the doorway; "Hilltop Hotel".

The second day we were here was when I went on the truck ride to the Supply point at Salines.  I got a pair of Jungle boots.  Tommy Rowe stayed behind to operate the TAC SAT.  When we returned with a pair of Jungle Boots for Tommy we found that his pair of boots were two left feet, so he was out of luck. 

Hey! This picture looks just like the one from the "Introduction".  (Click on the photo below to compare the two pictures)

Tropical Paradice