28. Grenada 1983 - Saturday, November 26th

The Road (?!?) Down to Gouyave

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This was the road between our Communications site at the Hilltop Hotel and the village of Gouyave.  As far as roads go it left a lot to be desired. It was pretty amazing.  I know this is a bit blurry, but I think you can make out the yellow citrus fruits growing on the tree to the left.

The view here is from the front seat of the army jeep (M151A2, Truck, 4x4).  The jeep we're in is equipped with a radio which is mounted in the back.  The radio has a 10-12 foot long antenna.  To keep the antenna from whipping about wildly on a bumpy road and possibly hitting passengers in the head it is held in place by an Antenna tie down.  In the photo that's the antenna coming into view from the top.  The tie down rope, with a metal clip that attaches to the antenna, is attached to the front of the jeep.  At the top end of the antenna is a plastic bulb called an Antenna Tip Cap.  That's there to prevent anyone who walks past the parked jeep from accidentally poking their eye out.

Citrus Trees Along The Roadway