29. Grenada 1983 - December - City of Gouyave

The Court Yard Across the Street from the Bank

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Across the street from the former-bank Headquarters of the A Co. 2/505 was a walled courtyard used for off street parking.  There was probably enough room to park 4 army jeeps there.   It wasn't very large. I was waiting in the jeep for a ride back up to the Communications Site in the Banana patch.  To the right of the boy standing on top of the wall are two US Soldiers standing next to the green colored commandeered civilian truck.   Behind the black soldier's arm you can make out more of the white spray paint on the side door of the truck, which says AC, for Alpha Company.

Behind the boys head is the 2nd story porch of the building seen to the right in   photo # 16  , shown from the other direction

View From In Town