31. Grenada 1983 - December

An Army Airfield

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Another scene from the back of the truck enroute to the Army supply point at Point Salines: Roles of Army concertina wire surround a parked OH-58 Kiowa (on the left) and a UH-1 Iroquois (Huey) helicopter parked in a field beside the road.  It was a long ride down the coast, so for entertainment on the way a couple of the guys in the back of the truck would throw some of the then-new Army meal packs (MREs = Meal Ready to Eat) off the back of the truck to kids we'd see.  There were plenty of young children along the road that seemed excited to wave at U.S. Soldiers driving by on the road.  They would eagerly scramble out into the road to snatch up the items thrown from the passing truck.

The truck we are riding in is one of the green flatbed/rack trucks commandeered by the US Army.  The truck is seen in photo # 16 .

The White Jeep in NOT a US Army Jeep