32. Grenada 1983 - Inside Point Salines Airport

The Airport Terminal at Point Salines

The Airport went on to be called the Point Salines International Airport. In 2009 the airport was renamed the Maurice Bishop International Airport,for the late Prime Minister.

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On one of the trips to Point Salines from Gouyave we made a stop at the Airport Terminal at Point Salines.  This was the airport that was being built by the Cuban Construction workers, and as seen here, was not yet completed.  The man standing here is a member of the PKF - Peace Keeping Force.  He is from either Jamaica or one of the other islands that contributed soldiers to the PKF ( Dominica, St Lucia, St Vincent, Antigua, Barbados).

The US Army had a small PX (Post Exchange i.e. store) set up in the unfinished air terminal, and there was also a Army Pay facility set up there for use by Army Soldiers who had been away from home for over a month and wanted some cash.

Peace Keeping Force