38. Grenada 1983 - R&R at Grand Anse

Grand Anse Bay from the Roof of the College Building

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This is the roof of the college building.  The view is out over the beach across the bay toward St. George's, which is in the distant background.  On the second story roof we find a sandbagged firing position.  When I was here on the 26th of November, the first day, there was an MP with a M60 machine gun.   This day there was no one there.

This is on the roof of the building seen in photo # 06. The sandbags are in the corner behind the upper-left wall in photo #06.

I think I took this picture on the First Day on the Island, and the sandbags were gone when we came back for R&R.  You can't see the sandbags on top of the wall in Photo #6.