49. Grenada 1983 - LZ Vicki

Tommy Rowe and the TAC SAT - Inside the Pavilion at Cuthbert Peter's Park

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Here we see Tommy Rowe operating the TAC SAT Radio.  Just behind him are two young local children who are curious about what he's doing.  Tommy has the radio handset in his hand and is making adjustments to a piece of radio equipment called a "remote".   Behind his head is the TAC SAT radio Antenna.

Outside the front of the pavilion is a low cinderblock wall.  Just beyond the wall is a US Army jeep.  We can see the windshield of the jeep, the two guys sitting in the jeep, the radio antenna mount behind the driver's head, and in front of his head a mount for an M60 machine gun, though the machine gun isn't there.  This jeep is the same jeep seen in photo #36.

The Pavilion at LZ Vicki