56. Grenada 1983 - Invasion News Clip

News clip shows scenes of US Marines on the north side of the island.

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The 33-second film clip discusses the invasion of Grenada and questions,"What may be in store for the future of Grenada?" at that time.   Click on image below to run video clip in Windows Media Player. (See also Text Below Image)

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"Dawn was just breaking over the beaches of Grenada when US Troops, along with a small force of Caribbean Soldiers, landed on the tiny island nation. Operation Urgent Fury had begun. US Marines and Rangers landed simultaneously on both the northern and southern portions of the island. Militarily the invasion was a success, but serious questions remain: How long would the US Military stay on Grenada? And, how long would it take before free Democratic elections were once again held on the tiny island?" -Voice Over from the news clip