13. Airborne Operation Photos - Green Ramp, Pope Air Force Base, NC - Inside the C-141 Starlifter Cargo jet aircraft - June 14, 1984

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Here we're in the plane, still somewhere at Green Ramp, not yet off the ground. The jumpmaster is standing. He has a slightly different type of parachute on. The plane is packed with Paratroopers headed out for a relatively short flight to Sicily Drop Zone back on Fort Bragg.

After I took this third flash picture in the plane one of the jumpmasters confiscated my camera. He said using the camera on the plane "Detracted From the Mission" and was unprofessional. I guess he didn't have a safer place to put my camera, because less than five minutes later he brought it back to me. He returned it on the condition that I promise not to take any photos while I was in the air (out of the plane and under the parachute canopy). I gladly agreed, as that had never been my intent anyway. We had been warned about that many times. You don't want someone causing accidents because they weren't paying attention.

Private Duncan, at Right, Looking at the Camera, white tape on his helmet