14. Airborne Operation Photos - Sky Over Sicily Drop Zone, Fort Bragg, North Carolina - June 14, 1984

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"One-Thousand, Two-Thousand, Three-Thousand, Four-Thousand..."

One of the two C-141s that passed overhead. This jump is not a Mass Tac (Mass Tactical) and jumpers are only exiting out the right side of the plane during this pass. "Jump Right Out and Count to Four"

If you look very closely at the parachutes you can see on this day we were jumping with the MC1-1B parachute. That's the type with the opening in the back which adds forward drive to the chute, and the toggles that offer a steering capability, allowing the jumper to turn away from hazards and into the wind on landing. The other type of parachute we used less often was the non-steerable T-10. The T-10R was the reserve parachute.

Check Canopy!